Team Defense Air Yards Profiler



Where can I learn more about air yards?

What is RACR?

    RACR stands for Receiver Air Conversion Ratio. The formula is (Receiving Yards/Air Yards) . RACR is an efficiency metric that rolls up catch rate and yards after the catch into one number. It can also be thought of as the number of receiving yards a player creates for every air yard thrown at him. You can read more about RACR here.

How should I use this information?

    Probably the best way to leveage this app is to utilize the fact that both catch rate against and RACR against are sticky metrics. By sticky I mean that they are stats that capture signal about how a team performs that is reliable and predictable. If a team is bad at defending passes at a certain depth over a period of weeks, it is probable that the defense has a weakness that can be exploted there. For DFS, identify where a team gives up catches and yards (RACR) and then identify which receivers the opposing team deploys at those depths. aDOT is a very sticky metric, and it 'belongs' to the receiver. If you do locate a weak spot in the defense, and a team has just one offensive weapon that it typically deploys at those depths, you may have idetifed a player on the verge of a big game.

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