Player Game Speed Profiler

What is FUPA/FAPA?

    FUPA/FAPA stands for Fastness Under/Above Positional Average. FUPA takes each play in which a player carries the ball and compares the max speed the player achieved on that play with the league average for the distance he traveled. Higher numbers are better.

Why is data missing for the LA Chargers in 2017??

    This is a known issue that I hope to have resolved soon.

Why does FUPA change when I change the position from WR to QB TE or RB?

    FUPA is calculated based on the positional max speed for each distance. if you change the position in the drop down, a different curve will be used to calculate the positional average.

When I compare QBs to WRs FUPA doesn't make any sense!

    FUPA is based on positional averages. Unless the positional curves are very similar, comparing across positions on the same graph will be strange.

Is FUPA/FAPA stable year-over-year or does it regress to the mean?

    FUPA is quite stable as measured by the data we have available. Year-over-year r-squared is nearly 0.5, indicating that half of what we see in one season is due to something inherent in the player (in this case, his speed). This is high for a football metric.

The QB positional curve is bananas! How are QBs faster than WR or RBs?

    This is one of the most surprising findings in the data. Perhaps only the fast QBs run. Perhaps they run only when they have huge open lanes and can hit their top max speed more frequently, increasing the positional average. More work needs to be done to understand this part of the data.

Where did you get this data?

    All the data comes directly from the NFL. My sincere thanks to the league for making it available.

I have a question or a feature request. How can I contact you?

    @friscojosh on Twitter or via email: friscojosh.0 at gmail.com


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