Receiver Efficiency Profiler


Where can I learn more about air yards?

What is RACR?

    RACR stands for Receiver Air Conversion Ratio. The formula is (Receiving Yards/Air Yards) . RACR is an efficiency metric that rolls up catch rate and yards after the catch into one number. It can also be thought of as the number of receiving yards a player creates for every air yard thrown at him. You can read more about RACR here.

Where are the Quarterbacks?

    The profiler currently groups all passes by quarterbacks into team level stats. The goal of the air yards based metrics on this site is to try and determine which receivers should and most likely will get the ball in the future, not to analyze QB play. It's also important to note that, in general, air yards are not predictive for QBs.

Are catch rate, YAC and RACR weighted by the number of times a receiever was targeted at a particular depth?

    No. To get a feel for where a player is targeted most and to see how many times a player has been targeted at each depth, use the Depth of Target (%) and Depth of Target (#) plot options.

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