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Where can I learn more about air yards?

What is WOPR?

What is RACR?

    RACR stands for Receiver Air Conversion Ratio. The formula is (Receiving Yards/Air Yards) . RACR is an efficiency metric that rolls up catch rate and yards after the catch into one number. It can also be thought of as the number of receiving yards a player creates for every air yard thrown at him. You can read more about RACR here.

Why are so many player's positions listed as Unknown?

    This is mainly a byproduct of how the data is gathered. NFL.com doesn't list the positions for players that are no longer active in the league. I hope to have this fixed soon though.

Are the metrics adjusted for games missed?

    Yes. WOPR, RACR, MS Air and Target Share are all calculated on a per week basis. If a player misses a week their numbers don't suffer.

Are the metrics adjusted for games where a player didn't get a target but still played?

    No. I assume if a player did not get a target in a game that he didn't play enough to matter. This is not always a correct assumption. In some cases, a player's target share WOPR, RACR and MS Air may differ from other players with the same totals.

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